Engineered human myocardium

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann

About Us

Remuscularization of the failing human heart is an overarching research interest of the Zimmermann lab. Engineered heart muscle (EHM) is being developed towards clinical applications in heart failure repair. Multiplexing EHM and their combination with other engineered macro organs for applications in the discovery of regenerative therapies is another goal of the Zimmermann lab. This includes studies of organ-to-organ and cell-to-cell cross talk in health and disease. Human pluripotent stem cell models, tissue engineering, and genetic engineering as well as a systems approach, integrating functional phenotypes with morphology and omics data, may serve to better understand disease mechanisms and develop novel pharmacological interventions. Projects in the lab are primarily developed based on the intention to treat degenerative diseases in heart and brain.

Fujita and Zimmermann (2017) Clin Pharmacol Ther.

Selected Publications

  • Didié M, Christalla P, Rubart M, Muppala V, Döker S, Unsöld B, El-Armouche A, Rau T, Eschenhagen T, Schwoerer AP, Ehmke H, Schumacher U, Fuchs S, Lange C, Becker A, Tao W, Scherschel JA, Soonpaa MH, Yang T, Lin Q, Zenke M, Han DW, Schöler HR, Rudolph C, Steinemann D, Schlegelberger B, Kattman S, Witty A, Keller G, Field LJ, Zimmermann WH. (2013) Parthenogenetic Stem Cells for Tissue Engineered Heart Repair. J Clin Invest 123:1285-1298. [PubMed]

  • Godier-Furnémont AFG, Tiburcy M, Wagner E, Dewenter M, Lämmle S, El-Armouche A, Lehnart SE, Vunjak-Novakovic G, Zimmermann WH. (2015) Physiologic force-frequency response in engineered heart muscle by electromechanical stimulation. Biomaterials 60:82-91 [PubMed]

  • Chang Liao ML, de Boer TP, Mutoh H, Raad N, Richter C, Wagner E, Downie BR, Unsöld B, Arooj I, Streckfuss-Bömeke K, Döker S,Luther S, Guan K, Wagner S, Lehnart SE, Maier LS, Stühmer W, Wettwer E, van Veen T, Morlock MM, Knöpfel T, Zimmermann WH. Sensing Cardiac Electrical Activity With a Cardiac Myocyte--Targeted Optogenetic Voltage Indicator. Circ Res. 2015 Aug 14;117(5):401-12. [PubMed]

  • Riegler J§, Tiburcy M§, Ebert A, Tzatzalos E, Raaz U, Abilez OJ, Shen Q, Kooreman NG, Neofytou E, Chen V, Wang M, Meyer T, Tsao PS, Connolly AJ, Couture LA, Gold JD, Zimmermann WH*, Wu JC*. (2015) Human Engineered Heart Muscles Engraft and Survive Long-Term in a Rodent Myocardial Infarction Model. Circ Res 117:720-739. §first authors; *corresponding authors [PubMed]

  • Tiburcy M, Hudson JE, Balfanz P, Schlick S, Meyer T, Chang Liao ML, Levent E, Raad F, Zeidler S, Wingender E, Riegler J, Wang M, Gold JD, Kehat I, Wettwer E, Ravens U, Dierickx P, van Laake LW, Goumans MJ, Khadjeh S, Toischer K, Hasenfuss G, Couture LA, Unger A, Linke WA, Araki T, Neel B, Keller G, Gepstein L, Wu JC, Zimmermann WH. (2017) Defined Engineered Human Myocardium with Advanced Maturation for Applications in Heart Failure Modelling and Repair. Circulation 135:1832-1847. [PubMed]
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